Looking for some help on this quote

It would be a big job for me so I want to be sure I don’t screw up this bid. If you’re able, give me your estimate on time to complete the project, as well. That will help me know if I’m in the right ballpark.

I’m typically a residential guy. I do a lot of WFP work on homes, so this type of commercial bid is still very new to me. I’d love some expert input.

I appreciate all the help!

Looking for inside above the 1st level, outside top to bottom. There are 2 sections of inside glass. Wants it done before 7am or after 10pm. Recurring contract roughly every 4 months.

That looks like a nice quarterly job. My initial question is can you use the WFP on the exterior? That should speed up the job considerably. Do you have the tools to finish the job or would you need to buy them?
A general rule of thumb would be take your established ground level per pane pricing and increase 25% per floor level. I would consider that 2 floor levels. Unless you perform hours of pole work per day your neck is going to be sore after the initial clean. Has this glass been maintained or would you be perform an initial deep clean on the first service? If so, then I would increase the initial clean 25-50% to offset the extra time needed to bring the glass back. Let us know your status and progress on this bid.

I will be bidding this job for WFP on exterior. I don’t want to be there for an extended time because of the before/after closing stipulation.

Based on what you said that they want it done before 7am or after 10pm. They are treating you like a janitor. Which is not a good thing. Because Janitor make between $10-$50 per hour. Also like a Janitor they expect you to clean in the dark, without the benefit of the sunlight. So it will be very difficult for you to see any drips or mistake. Personally I would avoid a customer like this, if you hit them with a real windows cleaner commercial bid, of $200 to $300 per quarter. They are going to laugh you out of the building. I would advise taking on much smaller commercial accounts, before getting involved with a store like this, otherwise they will use your inexperience against you and it will be a huge headache

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I would pass due to the time constraints. That sounds absolutely horrible. Do you need this account to keep your business alive? Are you struggling to find residential work?

But, also, will you have to move that stuff? Do you need to wait for someone to move that heavy stuff with a forklift? What about moving stuff and removing posters inside? Will you have to wait for someone to turn up to unlock for you, causing a disruption to your work flow? Are they expecting you to clean behind those window signs? Is there enough room inside to work comfortably and safely with an extension pole? Did they have a window cleaner before? What happened to them (Its a red flag if they were actually happy with them, but now can’t get in contact)? If they didn’t have a window cleaner, why? When was the last time they were professionally (or otherwise) cleaned? Did they just get the cleaners to do them? Are the auto doors easy to operate, so you can clean them without setting them off? Will you need to get someone to operate the doors for you while you clean? Will there be customers coming and going that will interrupt your flow? Will left over water be walked in by customers? Do the frames catch and hold water, causing nasty drips? Do they have any issues with water leaking in? Is it on a main road? Whats the lighting situation if you’re in the dark?

These are all questions you need answers to before quoting. If you do really want a figure, and without knowing specifics, I’d quote AUD$350-$450, absolute max would be 3 hours, and that’s if I had to move stuff (excluding the forklift bit at the front).

For me, this would take me away from my high paying resi customers and mess up my daily routine. I feel as though it would be a massive drag every time this account rolled around and I had to work within a small window either side of the day.