Ladder weight ratings

I know that for safety ya should get the weight ratings for the total weight ya taking up… but i remember reading in the past that even the extension ladder say 225lbs rating it can take 675lbs max load, based 1:3 ratio. They do this to ensure that ladder dont fail on you at all.

The reason i ask is that i am 265 and i rather not buy 300lbs 1A extension. I rather get 225lbs because its much lighter.

Is there any truth to what i mentioned?

Or i could always run my fatass off and drop the weight, so there’s that…


Any know?

Lol! I’m certain they can hold more than what the safety rating says, but how much? I don’t know. If any of us recommend you to go outside the manufacturers safety limits, we would be encouraging recklessness in my opinion. I mean there’s many things I’ve done outside of safety limits over the years to get things done here and there but I’d never recommend someone else to follow my example with that.

Sorry man, you might be on your own with this one.
Be careful!

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Dagnum it!

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I went a bought a 24’ 300lbs extension ladder. now I am happy. Now I can stay fat.

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