Industry Podcast?

Do you guys listen to industry podcasts?

If so which ones and why do you like them?

I’ve been through a couple. Nothing that kept my interest.

I think it was all the “I’m bringing you so much value” talk which takes up a big portion of the podcast.

I’m usually looking for something more like an audiobook or university lecture format, but I might be in the minority.

I’m usually trying to answer questions.

Those have been:

How do I market with a small budget? ($50/month - 150/month)
How do I generate leads?
How do I nurture prospects?

Basically every step of the sales funnel.

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Its really gross when the host drums on how they are bringing you soooo much value … bleh.

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree too. Straight to the point and load it with powerful and useful info.

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Where can I find the industry pod casts? Are they free? I like the tutorials and videos I watch as they all have something to offer.

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There are a few. I know wcr does one every Friday on their YouTube channel.

Do you guys prefer videos or podcasts?

I think I prefer videos more. I do listen to podcasts though, and some things are better in podcast form. It’s hard for me to listen to a podcast while I work, especially if people are around.

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