If you had a welder, what would you make?

I’m sure many reading this forum are able to weld and might have access to welders. I presume some don’t since I wasn’t able to until recently.

I’m looking for projects that will help my business run smoother, make my brand look better / more approachable / more competent, make operations run smoother, whatever else…

I’m on my first 1 - 1.5 years of being self-employed. I was in a self-employment program for the first 6 months, so I was really focused on getting the information in and building what I could of the business at the same time (planning marketing / marketing / website / IT / figuring out finances / developing my brand / etc.)

I’m working out of my Corolla and carry

  • A WFP system and periferals
  • Trad pole and peripherals
  • my belt pre-loaded and ready to go and that with all my trad stuff in a collapsible crate.

I also do fairly serious house cleaning, so I carry a decent vacuum and all my cleaning solutions too. If need to bring my collapsible ladder, that sits in the passenger seat.

If you were in my shoes and you suddenly had the means and knowledge to build it yourself (or already have the means of course), what would you build?

If you’re in a Corolla, would a roof rack be handy??

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Yes it would. I will look into how to make one without causing the roof to rust off. I have a friend who paints cars, so that might be possible.

A truck!! LOL.

I think it’s great that you can start using a welder to do your own custom work. Just keep in mind, when I mentioned the roof rack, that may, or may not be the best way to go. I would at least look into the expense of buying what you have in mind to make to weigh out whether or not it’s worth making your own. I’ve seen many vehicles that look like trash because they did their own custom work

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Just find a used one. I do pretty well as a welder. But only for structural repairs like truck mount chassis and etc. Otherwise i prefer to purchase the upfit.