How's summer going?

Its been the strangest year. But its finally getting back to normal…at least business is.

How’s thing going for everyone?


It’s been hot!!

Overall, business is going good right now. I was going to ask if anyone else was having an issue with this though…

I’ve had several clients reschedule on me lately, and with the timing of when they booked and rescheduled, it doesn’t appear to be a covid thing. These are not new clients but my regular annuals. And I’m not losing them, just rescheduling. I only ask cuz I rarely have this happen but it’s probably about 1/4 of all my clients keep doing this right now and it’s not the easiest time of year to have a juggling schedule with how many new calls I’m getting.


Business is picking up which it is normally slowing down in the summer here. We are not as productive because the heat is kicking our butts. We are thankful above all else to be working and seeing our valued clients.


Had 3 or 4 last minute re-schedules for no reason or not a good enough reason. This is very uncommon for us but the world is in a crazy place right now. No real explanation.


Exactly! We have had the reschedules as well. I’m sure our clients are also experiencing difficulties with their work and home lifestyles too.

Yep this is going to be a strange…hot…busy summer.

We typically start to see the summer slow down soon. But looks like it’s going to keep picking up.


How do you guys think the fall is going to go?

I personally think its going to get pushed further into winter this year.

I have been dealing with rescheduling visits for my regulars since mid-April. The majority of my clients are in the “at risk” age range and either wanted to wait until things settled down or cancelled completely. I was able to talk to a few and have them do exterior only cleanings since this is where the majority of the dirt really is on maintenance cleanings.

I think some in my case have also lost their expendable income sources like working for the Mouse part time and are waiting for that to come back. The car dealerships that I pressure wash the flat surfaces have had me hold off since they don’t have the same foot and vehicle traffic creating the dirt build up.

Top that off with the rainy season where we have had rain 11 out of the first 13 days this month and a lot of my clients wanted to hold off.

All in all, I was doing okay and hitting my targets still the last few months. However, now everything has just dropped off and I am struggling to hit my numbers for this month. I have a few huge job bids out right now so hopefully one or two come through by the end of the month so I can pay the bills.


What do you guys do to beat the heat?

I know @JaredAI and I have talked before about how we have handled it in our respective climates. 0600 on site starts and mid day siestas before going back to finish, etc. I usually wear a camelbak with ice water for the majority of time outside and on high temperature days, I will wear a vest with cooling packs.

Man honestly I just get out and work. Today I was out from 530am to 630pm. I have a cooler of waters. But other than that I just work through it.

I find it crazy that you guys have such massive fluctuations in your sales throughout the year. I’m in Australia (winter now), but have solid work all year round. Currently, we are doing really well in terms of COVID, and I’m back to normal in terms of sales

How cold is your winter?

Been doing tng cleaning and colorsealing.
Did a lot hard water removal for showers. Fixed a lot wall joint grout with SGA. Still rock’n the window cleaning as well.

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Laughably warm… the coldest morning so far was 9°C.

I just may get a gigantic job soon for multiple services in one house. Im excited…


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Has anyone else seen a big decline In residential over the past 2 weeks? I’ve just made some changes to my advertising but COVID numbers are also at a high in many areas, wondering if it’s just me.

I was actually going to make a post …NO SLOW DOWN 2020

We have seen a slight drop but mostly in gutter cleaning which is normal. But res window cleaning is still going strong.

I was talking to @SteveO about this. I think this will be a very strange year as far as sales and normal ups and downs.

I predicted that there wouldn’t be that July August slow down. That its pretty much going to carry right over to fall business. Which I think will be crazy busy too.

We are still down from last year. Our storefronts and commercial took a major hit.

Our residential window cleaning and gutter cleaning numbers are up.

It would have been a record breaking year if it wasn’t for ol Covid.


I have only worked 6 days in the last 14. Super slow right now.

I was informed however, that since I am an LLC I can apply for the new extension of the PPP and as long as 75% of the loan goes to paying myself as payroll, then it becomes a grant instead of a loan. I could really use that money to pay the bills that are piling up and I am trying to find money at the end of each day to pay. Still waiting on these big job bids to make a decision and come through this month.

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I had been going really strong from the first week of September all the way through the end of March. Being in Florida, we don’t see the winter drop off like the rest of the country. Our temps drop down to about 5°C over night and then back to 13-18°C in the middle of the day. On the flip of that though, in the Summer here we are at 36-38°C at 1200-1600 and then you add on humidity so thick it is like inhaling Vegemite, you end up with a heat index/feels like temp(in the shade) of 43-49°C. It knocks down my productivity pretty fast. I would guess that your climate is about the same? I would think most of the Southern US states are about the same temperature wise, though New Mexico and Arizona are super hot and dry in the summer.

Man, I hope it all works out. It must be crazy to be working in Florida right now.

Doesn’t really slow down for us except the summer. We are usually 6 days a week from Labor - Memorial Day but summer slump. 2020 has been terrible as bad as 2016, definitely sucks right now. Good luck GSAR