How would your clean this?


I’ve been asked to clean the house shown in the picture below, and I wondered what the best/most efficient way to clean it would be.

I’m in England and it would be a 6 weekly clean so hopefully just getting the dust off it after the initial clean.

Any ideas how to get in-between the wooden juliets?

If it’s a ball ache, were turn it away, however surely there must be a way to do it/how would you do it?

Thank you!

Looks like you’d have to open the doors and clean them on the inside with trad.

At least thats how I’d do it.

I thought that too, which is a shame as you have to rely on the customer being home to be able to clean them! (Usually in the UK you just turn up, get out and use your van mount system, clean the windows and go to the next one, majority of the time not even seeing the customer.)

Thanks :slight_smile:

What Luke said is the easiest but if you had an extensible doodlebug or one of the water fed pole accessories that holds a white pad you could use it to agitate between the rails and then rinse a lot from above. I don’t believe it is worth your time and money but it could work.

Some professional workers are required and then it will be cleaned in no time.
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