How would you price this?

How would you price this per story?

Link dosent work. Upload the photos here.

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What’s the inside look like?

probably wont be touching the inside, but it is a bunch of professional offices, this is actually right next to the hospital and mostly filled with small medicial clinics. Based on what I have seen they have those verticle blinds that will move to the side.

at $1.25 a window, I counted it up and came up with about 1500 for the building outside only??

but that means 1.25 for the highest floor just didnt seem right to me, we do have a wfp

This looks like an awesome job! My initial thought would be around $20 per set (for those mid level sets) but broken down it’s what you were thinking…$1.25 per pane. Feels low. I would maybe charge your ground level price at ground level. For each level going up, I would increase it some.

The numbers here are “my” actual suggestions per set. Hopefully you can get some other suggestions too.

Also, in my opinion, these are still lower end numbers, but, let’s see how others compare.

The added bonus artwork is cuz I can’t sleep.

Enjoy, and best of luck!


man that is awesome and gave me a great chuckle when I woke up this morning…

Thank you again Luke.

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@AdamPWC I had no idea you were such an artist lol


Might be one of my favorite “how to charge” replys ever :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:


Lol! Let me know if you ever need any help quoting yours!