Hey Steve,
Is there any chance I could use some of your video for our own promo? Would be happy to throw a few bucks your way. Let me know if you’re interested.

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Hey yea fill free :+1:

I don’t know how to rip YouTube videos (if you even can these days) so shoot me an email and we’ll talk prices and how to make the files available for download. Thanks SteveO.

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There are several programs to do that with. You should be able to google search “YouTube downloader”

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Hey guys ,
About solar panels , when you clean them in the summer in full sunlight you have to use hot water because the temperature can ad up to 70 ° celcius they might crack by using cold RO idem dito in the winter use cold RO same story .got this info from a company who place the panels on rooftops. Have a nice day be blessed and stay safe


Did you get this downloaded?

During the summers here in Florida we have thunderstorms every afternoon. Daytime temps can be above 100°F in the shade, so I could imagine surface temps getting to 130-160°F on the panels, but then they are impacted by droplets of water, sometimes as much as 2 inches (4 cm) per hour, though for a very brief duration. The rain’s temperature can be less than 70°F so a temperature shift of 90°F and the glass does not break or shatter. There may be a different panel design in your region, but I am curious about the advice you were given by the install company.


I’ve never had an issue with this either, but I only have a handful of panels that I clean. They aren’t very popular here for residential settings for whatever reason. I found this article from a quick search. Seems pretty accurate to me.

The first paragraph talks about panels breaking due to thermal shock.

Nah, I never did get around to it. Lately I’ve been diving really deep into a web app I’ve been building for my leads/deals workflow. I’ll see about posting a link to it if others think it might be useful for them as well. It’s definitely making use of all this down-time… :smirk:

So I was recently in a 55+ neighborhood that every home came with solar panels. I was doing a normal maintenance cleaning of the windows with my WFP when the client asked me to do the solar panels as well. Hopped up on the roof and knocked it out real easy. What I didn’t know though was that across the street and a few houses over was a maintenance/repair team from Tesla. (They bought out Solar City and handle a majority of solar panels installs in my area.) When I was packing up one of the guys came over and was asking what the process was when I cleaned the panels. I described to him the process you show in your video and he asked for my card. Apparently, using a WFP is not a common method in my area, although it is the preferred method reccomended by Tesla.

What has now come of this interaction is I have had 15 new clients ask me to come and clean just the solar panels at $6 a panel.

So my take away is this, find the guys doing the repairs and installs, tell them you use a WFP/pure water to clean the panels, and see if they will recommend you to their service clients to do annual maintenance cleanings.

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