How to clean & charge for window track cleaning


Thanks for sharing. Tracks down here in Florida can have mold/mildew, and caked on dirt. I feel like there needs to be a middle ground with pricing out tracks. Most customers ASSUME that things like tracks and screens are just apart of cleaning windows. When you present it as an add on they may be surprised that you don’t already do that automatically. You’re so right that it can be time consuming to really detail it correctly. Perhaps just taking 1-2 minutes to brush out dirt, and do a quick wipe down is a good middle ground. Just having that as a normal part of an inside/out cleaning. If they want it more detailed then charge at that point.

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Im about 8$ per tracks. I dont use percentage in this situation, youll end up over charging, and they will certainly say no. The other day, i did 325$ windows with only $60 add on in track cleaning which was like 20 mins of work extra…

I use the track brush, love it. Get a crevice tool attachment with stiff bristle. You’ll get it done faster. 3min avg completion? Not to shabby.

Great video as always Steve!

Just had what should have been a 3 hour job turn in to a 5.5 hour job mostly because of ridiculously dirty tracks and the exact problem you mention in the video…didn’t have the right tools to handle it. Went and got a decent handheld vac before we get back after it again tomorrow with another residential job.

Hoping that vac combined with the track brushes we already have will make those go quicker tomorrow if they happen to be filthy like today’s.

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Vacuum clean service around here is 20 per window, Canadian. I like to just charge straight 50 per hour. That way I’m getting paid for what each job or window specifically takes.