How do you price these?

This woman wants two prices: one for slated patio windows and one for the house. I dont even know how to estimate the patio windows and the house I dont want to price like French panes, but I dont want to price like regular windows. They are authentic, though. No faux french panes. Any ideas? These arent the all of the windows, but I am trying to figure out what to charge.

Just throwing it out there, but these look super complicated to clean. I would charge them my French pane rate, $7 per side. Lots of detailing, detailing…

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For the patio windows, I would charge “like” French panes, only more since they’re bigger. Think about what your time is worth. Maybe $3 per pane, that would get you up to $48 for just that set. If those interior shudders are a pain to clean around, I would add for that too.

Fortunately, I’ve never seen those other style windows in my area. I can’t really give much advice on those. But again, consider your time and charge good for it!

Best of luck!

In my opinion, this is the kind of project you should quote high if you’re not too sure. If you win the bid, great, if not, great. As I’m getting on in business years I’m starting to realize that you really don’t need to win every contract, but you better do a damn good job if you do get the gig - so always, always make it worth your time. Even if that means they say no and give a bad rating to the other guy that under bid the contract and did a rushed, shitty job. :wink:

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This lady has a ton of windows. I seriously just don’t want to do it, but I would if the price was right. She just wants the exterior of the non-patio windows which is freaking nice, but the patio windows I’m not even sure how to do them. I imagine I’ll soap them, steel wool, squeegee them then go over them a ton with a detail towel. I’m thinking $700 for the patio and $6 per pan for the home windows. If she opts for someone else that’s just fine with me. Thanks, guys.

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Maybe I’m not seeing someone right. Sorry. If you’d rather not do it cuz you don’t think you can handle it, DO NOT OVER PRICE IT! Just tell the lady that it’s currently to much for you to take on.

If you don’t wanna do it just cuz you don’t feel like it’ll be worth your time, then sure, price it as high as you want. When you overprice job to avoid doing them, sometimes people surprise you, and then you get stuck with it.

I disagree. There is no such thing as overpricing. If you hate the idea of cleaning the glass, then quote it to make it worth your time and mental energy. If another company wants to do horrible painstaking work for cheap. LET THEM.

Sorry Dan, if you read my comment again, I said not to over price if he didn’t think he could handle the job. If he were to overprice one he can’t handle, then he’ll make himself look bad if they go for it and he’s unable to complete it.

Otherwise, if it’s simply an aggravating job that he doesn’t want but can handle, then yes, price it through the sky if you want. If definitely had those myself.

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Here in Australia there are STACKS of those louvred type windows, and they can very greatly in condition. I usually charge very very high whenever these are concerned, especially when they are more than 1/4 of the overall glass in a building. Honestly, I don’t have a per pane price, it simply comes down to their condition.

One of those bays would take me 10-15 mins max, so I’d charge no lower than $50 AUD per bay, I suppose.

This would be a job where I’d pull out the sales skills and build it up so it seems really difficult and time consuming to get right. I’d get my tricket washer and squeegee out and test the louvred windows too. And then I agree with the above guys - charge a lot and be prepared for it to take much longer than normal. If you don’t win the job, dont worry. She’ll get someone cheaper and they’ll get the shits coz its hard and they’ll do a crappy job, then she’ll call you later on.

Just moved my prices to $80/ hour Canadian. The competition has laborers they charge $100 an hour for and get work for, so why shouldn’t I?
Quote them how ever many hours for the whole job x $ 80 American. You may discount the final bill if you know it shouldnt take that long or not. It’s your business, it’s your time. Most people agree with whatever way you price the job because they have no idea but just want a number.

You can always buy scrubbers and squeegees for Tricket windows.