How do you clean windows in a cold climate?

Hello everyone, My name is Mark the California surfer dude. I had a successful window cleaning business in Newport Beach, California. A physical therapist disabled me in a session in 1998. I now use CBD lotion on my back. I now live in Wichita, Kansas. I am starting a new window cleaning business in April 2019. I hope to participate in the this community. Surfs up, Mark Web site under construction.

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Hey @alohawindowcleaning! Welcome to the forum! We wish you all the best ! Heck your our neighbor, we are based out of kansas city.

What questions do you have about cold weather window cleaning?

What type clothes and gloves do you wear? Cleaning during the winter months what is the best antifreeze to use?

We dress in layers. We personally really like Alaskan Hardgear. Its pricey but you cant beat their clothes. Very well made and warm.

For gloves we wear 2 types. For moderately cold days we will wear thin cotton gloves with latex over them. For colder days we like to wear carhartt gloves. Really any thick water proof winter glove. I especially wear these in cold days while using a pole. Using a pole in the cold is like holding onto ice.

We using window shield washing fluid. The ingredient that keeps the water from freezing is methanol alchohol. Be safe it is poisonous if swallowed and or large amount of it are absorbed through the skin. This is another reason why we wear latex gloves while working with it.

Thanks for the tips! I appreciate it!

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Welcome @alohawindowcleaning to the forum, glad you’re with us!

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Thanks for the welcome my friend!

Hey! I know a thing or two about this! I clean in -20 degree Celsius weather (I’m not sure what the equivalent is in Fahrenheit, eh!), which is dang cold. This might be overkill for you in Kansas, but these tips have made my life easier:

1.Antifreeze: windshield wiper fluid is cheap and does a reasonable job. Up here you can get fluid rated for -45 degree Celsius (too lazy to do the conversion). Methal Hydrate is good, but expensive. You can pick that up in the paint section of Home Depot, lowes, etc. I mix it into my water until it stops freezing on the glass.

  1. Gloves: I have insulated rubber gloves and I usually stick a hand warming pack into them. They are like cold packs in a first aid kit, but heat. You shake them and they give off heat for 5 or 6 hours. I get them at Costco, but amazon has them for sure. Luke makes a good point. No mater what chemical you use, you should always wear gloves that prevent absorption through the skin. Chugging it is not recommended as well.

  2. Base layers: in the colder months, Costco has good deals on base layer underwear. Get some!

4: Heated hoodie / jackets: Milwaukee (you know, the sawsall and drill guys) makes a heated hooded sweatshirt and jacket. It comes with a battery pack and is AMAZING in cold weather. I wear a down filled sleeveless vest over my heated hoody (do you call them that down there?) and I’m toasty warm.

  1. Hockey tape. Wrap hockey tape around your pole so you don’t have direct contact with the aluminum or carbon fibre (sorry, that’s Canadian for fiber). Even when you wear gloves it will make a big difference.

  2. Move to a tropical country. They don’t have winter in the Turks and Cacios islands. That place is awesome, and hardly any window cleaners.

That’s all from me! What else you got community?


I must say, #6 here is by far the best solution for dealing with the cold. This guy might really be on to something! Lol!

What about your scrubber freezing? I was using windshield wiper fluid and soap, and somehow was still having solution freeze on window. I wondered if it was because the soap on the scrubber somehow.