How do you calibrate the pure to waste water ratio?

I’ve been stuck on this problem for a while now. I have the Axeon 4040 membrane and housing. The problem I am having is that I go to five different houses a day, all with different water pressure and I don’t know how to ensure the pure water to waste water ratio is correct. Currently I just have a hose shutoff valve on the RO concentrate and I adjust till “it seems about right”. I know i’m doing damage and wasting water but I don’t really know what to buy to fix the problem. It seems like the answer should be really obvious, but I can’t figure it out myself. Any advice on the topic from other DIY RO users would be appreciated.

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I have an In and Out sensor that tells me TDI coming in and TDI going out.

I set my waste flow to a dribble and I still get 0 PPM on the out meter. I’m not sure if that’s the “right” way to do it, but my filters have lasted a couple years now.

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@AWindowCleaner doesn’t your machine have a waste valve like this one? That’s the machine I use it is Canadian made

Yes it does. I’m also running a Hydrobox.

My layout is different, but I might have bought a different years model. I have 2 RO or RODI valves on mine and the waste and air valves are in the back of the machine.

Anyway, I just set mine to a dribble and check my out TDI and if it’s 0 I go ahead.

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Makes perfect sense to me! @AWindowCleaner