Hit me with your van signage thoughts

Here it is, quick mock up with my ipad. I angle myself as a higher end, high quality service. The aim is to attract customers first and look more professional second.

I’m very open to criticism, so fire away!


I like it ! Clean and simple


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This is my vehicule :smiley:

I think it’s great.

The plus side to going for elegance is you don’t need a wrap, so it should be way cheaper too.

Thanks mate.

I’ve employed a professional sign writer to improve my design, so I’ll share when its done

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My new van :heart_eyes:

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Nice! Super clean


That’s really gorgeous. It’s well balanced.

Did you design it?

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It is a company van :smiley: I will start my company in march​:crossed_fingers:t3:

Peace :droplet:

What’s stopping you from starting now?

Is that design wrapped already? It looks slightly like a graphic overlay. Not that that’s an issue.

I had some private problems that I first had to solve and I also want to focus on preparing well.

Its an overlay not wrapped :grinning:
I tried something already but im not happy yet :stuck_out_tongue:

thumbnail_LOGO DUYCK 1

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I just read the lean startup. I highly recommend it. It helps decide which things are worth spending a ton of time on. I wish I read it when I started out.


Will read.

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Welcome! Simpole is that you Phil?