Hero air or Xero micro

Hey everyone … does anyone have experience with the Hero Air pole or know who manufactures them? We have one client where we need to process windows in the 50 ft range so I am looking for a pole with decent stiffness that isn’t going to break the bank. I purchased a couple of Black Knight poles (I’m in Canada) and they were like using a wet noodle at that height. We rarely have a day without some sort of decent breeze here. I was also wondering what anyone’s experience with the Xero micro would be for stiffness as well.

I have a xero micro and I love it. I don’t do alot of water fed pole work. So the fact I can pile the top three sections out and use as a trad pole is a major plus to me. I’ve Never used the other pole you speak of thou. So when it comes to it I can’t help you.

Have you checked out the window cleaning store? They are located in Canada and I believe they have there own line of wfp called Northern Lite.

I also can’t speak to the Air. But the Micro is a solid choice! Great compact pole, that also includes a trad pole. Which version of the Micro are you thinking about ?

well price wise I’ve been looking at the basic. I have one client with 4 storey curtain windows that extend up to the 50’ level. The Poles I purchased last year (Black Knight) were so flexible at that height my guys could barely control them. Most of the remaining clients are 3 storey or below but there are more and more 4 storey buildings going up here every day. The Northern Lite poles don’t appear to be available any more

Thanks for the feedback! The Northern Lite poles don’t appear to be available from Mark anymore but I’m going to give him a call tomorrow and see if they might carry them in the spring.

He may have discontinued them not sure

For rigidity on any pole, the more sections, the more rigid. So, by virtue of that, the Micro wins.

But you really want himod at the minimum, for 50’.

Define “breaking the bank” and I’ll get you into the exact pole you need for 50’. (That means give me a number. :wink:)