Having trouble getting the windows clean

So I got a zero pure system. The brush it came with is the nilon with boars head inner brush with two jets. I tried cleaning a two house that has not been looked at let alone touched in years. Lots of dirt hard water stains and just crap on the windows. This is a common style house that I expect to run into often.
Do you have recommendations on what accessories I can get to help me solve this problem?

I’m not a WFP pro by any means, but pure water doesn’t remove hard water stains. You’ll need to do it via nose to glass, using stainless steel wool and if it’s really bad, a chemical applicator.

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Thank you do you have a preference on cleaners?

So…I do most of my initial cleans with WFP, but “sometimes” hand scrubbing is best in my opinion. The pole is not a 100% substitution for some good elbow grease. If it was a super dirty job like you said, it could just be that.

Having the bronze pad added would prob help.

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What brush do you recommend? Is a spray bar and uni valve worth the bucks?

I don’t have the univalve yet, I just tie my hose in a knot when i set it down. I’m sure it’s real handy. I’ve had a 24’ WFP for two years that was given to me. I need to upgrade my brush as well.

I wouldn’t consider myself a top pro on WFP work yet but I’ve gotten to really appreciate it. Actually working on some innovative plans right now, maybe a side project for the winter.
The advice I gave is what I found that works, but the other guys here can tell you more.

Btw, what @Freshlysqueeged said about the hard water stains sounds about right, so, again with the elbow grease.

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For tough build up like that I’d trad the windows like @Freshlysqueeged had said.

A bronze wool attachment will help you in the future with wfp first time cleans. For really dirty jobs I’ll wrap #0000 steel wool around the attachment for extra scrubbing power.

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Thanks for the tips. Should have my attachment in a few days.

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