Hard water stains out of reach

This is under pure water since this is the method I have to use here…

So, I have this large, 4 story commercial building that I clean by WFP. I only clean the exterior of this building and maintenance management has been happy enough to put me on a regular schedule with them. My issue is that even though they are happy and I know I really don’t have to make an issue of this, it bothers me, I can’t go inside to spot check anywhere in the building, but when the sun hits just right, I can see that in some areas, the glass in my opinion, looks Like crap.

This seems to be from hard water stains.

Does anyone know of any way to treat this by means of WFP?
It is way out of reach by ladder.

Have you tried the Tucker alpha scrubber or something like that?

I made this for Gardiner quick lock

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Not a bad idea. Thanks Dan


any chemical you used with normal window cleaning can be used with wfp. We add a walnut pad to our Tucker pad!

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