Hard water stains out of reach

This is under pure water since this is the method I have to use here…

So, I have this large, 4 story commercial building that I clean by WFP. I only clean the exterior of this building and maintenance management has been happy enough to put me on a regular schedule with them. My issue is that even though they are happy and I know I really don’t have to make an issue of this, it bothers me, I can’t go inside to spot check anywhere in the building, but when the sun hits just right, I can see that in some areas, the glass in my opinion, looks Like crap.

This seems to be from hard water stains.

Does anyone know of any way to treat this by means of WFP?
It is way out of reach by ladder.

Have you tried the Tucker alpha scrubber or something like that?

I made this for Gardiner quick lock

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Not a bad idea. Thanks Dan


any chemical you used with normal window cleaning can be used with wfp. We add a walnut pad to our Tucker pad!

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Water bar in the pad! testing now!

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One Restore, wet window, spray One Restore, wait,(3 minutes) Rinse, done…

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@AdamPWC Not sure how you may have resolved this topic, but it is back at the top of the forum feed, so I figured I’d chime in.

I have actually seen a few new recommended videos in my Youtube feed for using toilet bowl cleaner, either “The Works” or “Lysol Clinging Gel”. Apparently the acid in the product is very effective. The downside is that you have to wash it immediately otherwise risk surface etching.

Since your original post was about the higher level windows. Could you use a brass wool pad holder with a terry cloth or microfiber rag, doused in the toilet bowel cleaner, and then scrub the higher windows using your pole, then flip it around, turn the water on and scrub & rinse with pure water?

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Yeah I was surprised to start seeing comments on this feed again, but the advice from all is well appreciated.

My resolution on this was to not worry so much about it since they’ve been happy with my work.

Toilet bowl cleaner is an interesting thought, I love the creativeness behind what people come up with. However, with the risk that you mentioned, I’m not sure that would be my best method to go with, at least not on this job. I can always inspect the ground level windows from the outside but I have no access to the inside of any upper levels. I will look into this, maybe a diluted solution would be safer? Idk, it sounds worth checking out.
Plus, I guess you would have to feed it through the hose with a pump right?? I wonder how a pump would handle that type of chemical.

Thanks for the feedback.

I wouldn’t recommend toilet bowl cleaner. Hard water on windows is caused by the same thing as hard water in your tea kettle.

I’ve used a vinegar solution successfully on windows which were very stained. The client was thrilled. I just sprayed it on, let it dwell a few minutes without drying and then agitated.

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