Hard water on second story outside windows?

Hey all, did what was supposed to be an easy under one hour job, cleaning 50 total french window panes. However, it took me nearly 2 hours because the windows were so dirty with what appeared to be hard water. It certainly acted the same way as hard water, the soap just wasnt super effective. I had to basically wash each window 3 times, while also using bronze/0000 steel wool, and the detail work was so tedious.

What would cause hard water up there? I told the owner and he basically said he had never heard of hard water on windows, though he thought I did a good job (thankfully)

Any thoughts, havent dealt with hard water in window cleaning before. Crap sucks.

What region are you located in?

Could it be the opposite of hard water; acid rain?

I’m near Minneapolis, I havent been here long but not sure Acid Rain is an issue here, could be though?

I use A1 harvester stain removal from Cleaning Spot. It works a treat. Expensive to buy at about £28 per bottle bit it lasts and it’s effective.

Sorry. Previous post spelling mistake. Hard water stain removal using A1 hard water stain removal

On this type of job I inform the homeowner of the staining and let them know on this type of cleaning there is additional pricing involved. Hard water stain removal is a restoration process not a cleaning process. I charge a separate fee for that, somewhere between $25-$40 per pane on a DH. I use this https://windowcleaner.com/eaco-chem-onerestores call Jersey on this product at Window Cleaner Resource - 862-312-2026. This chem works wonders.

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