Getting my Pricing Right? Help?

Hello I’ve been in the window cleaning business a few years and pretty good I want to start out my own business I live in Philadelphi pa and I want to get my prices together for residential and commercial mostly commercial and office businesses? Any advice?


Hey buddy!

How did you quote jobs for the other company?

If you have a pretty good idea how long it takes to clean a specific type of residential or commercial glass - just figure out what you’ll need to reach $75-100 per hour (or more if your area supports it).

Route work you’d have to figure $65-75 per hour (AT BEST - depending on market).

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Hello I’ve worked for a previous window cleaning company and he’d charge $5.25-$8.25 for residents and for commercial I think it was usually $60-$100 bucks sometimes

It’s mainly store fronts and office building im aiming for to start out

For residential it was $1 per screen and $1 for light fixtures not sure how much he charged cleaning chandeliers and he charge.50 per blind wipe down

Hey Luke This is what I remember off the top of my head any advice would help very much thanks

That is absurdly cheap. Please do not go this low or you’ll burn yourself out super quickly.

As always, it depends on your area and target demographic. For me here on the east coast of Australia, my target demographic values quality workmanship and respect for their property above speed and low price, and I price each item out to be about $100- $150 per hour.


I agree he wanted us to move fast and get done and get to the next job site he’d charge mansions $9.00-$10.25 per window and the small pane windows

How much would u charge per window in & out

I’d try to come up with a hourly goal.

So let’s say $100 per hour for residential and $65-$75 per hour storefront/commercial.

When quoting jobs keep your hourly rate in mind. Then at the end see if you met those numbers. If not adjust.

That’s a good idea are you available to talk via text

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You can message me on here if you’d like :smiley:

So look at the property and estimate how long it’ll take u to clean especially since I’m working on my own would it be best to charge that price and only half that price for outside or inside only?

Yeah pretty much. It will be a bit of trial and error in the beginning.

We typically charge more for the exterior than the interior. This is because the outside is typically higher, more dirty, landscaping etc.

What you can do in an hour vs what you can expect from people you hire to do that same store front, big difference. So you might as well go for the bigger dough on store fronts, fill your time in with the best paying jobs and ask that from all your customers. Because let’s face it we are the best around. We do the best work and deserve the best pay. It’s our future

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to keep it simple, and to build client list up, i started around $10 per window (residential). second story windows, frenchies, garden windows, up it accordingly. most folks were fine with that and the client list grew quickly in my first year of biz. commercial glass is another ball game. good luck!

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