First Store Front & Marketing

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Thanks for this community and for providing great advice.

I got my first storefront a week ago, charged $25 for exterior only cleaning. The store had about 7 panels.
is the quoting too low?
I received the call through a door hanger I placed on their door with a note specifying the price.
Is this a good marketing practice in the industry?
I have placed over 70 and so far received one call, several website views.
I also did a residential outdoor, which i charged $105 and the heat killed me. How much is the average, this was a 3,500 sq home.

I don’t do storefront anymore, but I think that price is ok. When I did storefront I was $5 per pane out, $7.5 for in & out (adjusted for when I needed to move stuff or there was something that would get in the way). Set a minimum also - you don’t want to be stuffing around for less than $10/$15/$20 do you?

As long as your message in your marketing stays consistent and its clear that you provide a solution to your customer’s problems, its fine.

For residential, do your own place multiple times and times yourself. Then do your mate’s, then your family’s and time yourself. That’ll give you an idea of what you should charge per hour and you can even break it down to per pane/per track/per screen price like I do. Everyone has a slightly different way of quoting, and no one style is right or wrong, so you’ll just have to grind out the first few until you get a better feel for it all. There’s no easy way out, just good old experience! $105 does sound very very cheap; again, set yourself a minimum.

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@Fuddlecupz Thanks so much for the response and advise. It seems there is no much gain in store fronts unless you have several recurring.

It didnt work in my area, and I was seeing way too much growth and profit from residential. Luke has a massive storefront side to his business, so it can work for sure. Benefits of storefront are the recurring income, and you’re generally cleaning relatively unsoiled windows, the freedom to do the exterior stuff throughout the day etc

That is the exact goal. You’re trading price for consistency.

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