Failed double pane

Is it common to find double pane windows with dirt/streaks on the INSIDE? It happened to me today! My customer didn’t know that the window seal had failed and really couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get them clean! How often does this happen?

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Very often. Especially with southern exposure windows and/or vinyl frames. I run into them a lot in central Florida, though I equally find aluminum framed windows with cracked double pane seals.

I have run into factory mistakes as well where there was a full handprint inside the double pane.


GSAR is correct. The more the tempurature change the more possibility of fogging of the double pane. Also, there is no industry standard on window seal leakage rate so every manufacturer has their own.

All double pane windows eventually leak. The builder grade ones leak in as little as one year or even less. There are neighborhoods in central fla that have leaky seals on new homes and the builder hasn’t even built out the subdivision.

The difference is that upgraded windows have a longer warranty and thus will be repaired less frequently. But they ALL leak, Pella, Marvin, Andersen all leak eventually.

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brianc4251 - see comments below regarding leaky seal

Familiarize yourself and your crew on the manufacturing process of glass windows and nomenclature. Also, review websites like: and read the information available from GANA and also Gary Bauer. It will help you be perceived as more professional and also you can help educate your clients on problems with windows as you encounter them. Feel free to ask more questions here

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Thank you so much for your feedback. This kind of support and information makes me a better window washer!


Here in Kansas City, I’d say almost half of our homes have some fogged windows. Extremely common here in the midwest.

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Very common here in Indiana too. This is how we got into the Window Cleaning business. We are a glass company. We just replace the glass in windows instead of replacing the whole window. We were asked for years if we wash windows…and here we are WASHING!

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