Extremely Busy Fall

Is everyone experiencing a extremely busy fall season?

Its been crazy so far!

Mate, I’ve been at 150% capacity for the last month and I’m booked similarly till February… out of control. I’ve had the biggest month of my working life in October!


Thats awesome! We are really busy at the moment with no end in site.

Are you doing any additional marketing?

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Nope, just Google ads and SEO. Word of mouth has REALLY picked up lately.

Best fall yet!

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Glad to hear it! What do you think it is?

I think some could be due to Covid, seasonal clients are staying in the area longer this year to avoid the more densely populated areas.
Also having some clients back from 2-3 years ago, the ones who don’t want to do yearly.
I have tried a new advertising approach this season, idk if it’s really helping or not.
Either way, it’s a good fall season!

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It’s nice to get feedback from other areas though too, to see others doing well.

I have had a huge uptick starting in October and it has continued as I am literally booked 6 days a week until Christmas Eve.

As most of my clients are retirees in the risk bracket for age and other health issues, as am I being diabetic, this whole Covid ordeal had led to huge drops for me. July I was at 60% revenue, August was 45%, and September was less than 30%. I was literally down to my last $100 after paying all of my bills and deferring everything I could with the banks. I did not get a PPP, but was able to get an SBA loan which came in just in time to keep us going. I was able to pay off back debt amounts and provide payroll for myself through the month of September.

Then all of a sudden October 1st was back as business as usual with 160% revenue. I have been getting rapid tests every week and providing results to clients if they ask to prove I am not a health risk. I still wear a mask even though, by testing negative I have no virus within me to spread so the mask is pointless other than to again put the clients worries at ease. I usually try to do all of my conversing with clients outside and then when I am doing the interiors the clients will leave the one room I am working in and return as soon as I am finished to maintain distancing.

November has been even more busy as through the 15th I was scheduled to generate another 160% of my necessary monthly revenue, leaving me two weeks to try and break 200%, fingers crossed.

It has been my personal experience with clients and it is my interpretation that we are all trying to develop a new normal and find some semblance of the normal we once had. I think a lot of my clients still want to have a nice clean and safe home as long as all precautions are taken to mitigate exposure to our big risk factors. A lot of clients that had put off work at the beginning of the year are now trying to schedule to get it done to try and find a sense of previous normalcy.

You are in Australia if I recall correctly?

Edit: Duh, I posted this and then clicked on your profile which clearly states Newcastle, Australia.

So hopefully with your weather shifting to summer, you will be catching the reverse wave and riding it the rest of the season.

We have an app called NextDoor, where neighborhoods and individuals can post requests and recommendations for services on it amongst other things. Do you guys have anything like that?

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Myself, and 3 other cleaners I know in Florida are all really busy. I noticed my spring numbers took a Covid hit, but now Fall is busier than ever. I even stopped paying for any marketing, and it’s still all I can handle plus turning down a few people too… I see 4 reasons that it may be crazy busy… 1. People who skipped spring now want it done 2. Businesses realize that dirty windows look bad during Covid. 3. Lots of people now working from home want the windows cleaned and 4. Home values have provokes more people to sell which means more cleanings pre-sale.

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