Exterior French Panes

I got a call yesterday from a tenant at an old mill building that’s been turned into apartments. She’s on the second floor and is looking for 4 of these windows to be cleaned on the outside.

She claims there may be a couple of other tenants interested in getting theirs done while we’re there. I’m thinking of offering one price if it’s just her, and a second, lower price for her if she can get other tenants to book with us.

I’m looking at ~$1.25 per pane outside only. That’s if it’s just her windows we end up doing. If she gets us another tenant on board, then we could do $1 per pane.

Anything to watch out for that’s special to these kind of windows? I know some FPs can leak through the mullions so you should be checking your work after a while to make sure no drips are coming through. Anything else?

This would have to be done traditionally, no WFP in my arsenal yet. I’ll be cutting a couple of channels just for this job to speed things up.

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Man idk…if I had to ladder that.

I’d like to be at least $200-$400.
Seems steep maybe, but I just wouldn’t want to ladder those cut ups. Wfp !!

Hey Luke, thanks for being so responsive on here. Hope you know how cool that is.

Funny you say $200, I ended up telling her $200 for hers alone but we could knock a bit off if she can get us in with some additional tenants. I added some to the price thinking that I at least want to make it worth it to drive out there and do just 4 windows!

But hey, I’ll take the work where I can get it for now since we’re in our first year and I’m still learning the trade. It’ll be a good learning opportunity if nothing else!

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Hey absolutely man! Happy to help :smiley:.

Awesome :ok_hand:. I think that sounds fair.

I’m always nervous with these when using wfp. If they’re old you’ll get a lot of water on the inside.

Good point :thinking: