Exelerator 2.0 channel

Hello guys. So I watched both @Luke and @SteveO a lot when starting my business and I saw that Steve prefers a brass channel on his Exelerator, and Luke likes stainless steel channel. Which one do you think is better and why? Would be awesome to hear from Luke and Steve too :slight_smile:

Its all preferences.

I prefer the stainless to simply try and cut a little bit more weight off the tool. But I prefer brass for just about all other tools.

Thanks for the reply! Just wanted to ask are thee brass and stainless steel channels the same shape? Is stainless steel the same as brass but lighter? And does the fli-q pad work with brass and steel without any modifications?

Now I understand that window cleaning is more skill and experience-based than tool based. The reason I wanted to change is that I tried the exelerator and it was just not working for me, one side of the squeegee just didn’t pick the water, so the first thing though is just to change the channel. Today I was practicing at my house again and used the exelerator. It did the same thing but then I just changed the angle and the windows were perfect. The liquidator channel is so good in terms of detailing.