Ettore excelerator 2.0 modification | teeth or not?

I’ve had a lot of questions about this


Do you ever have any issues with the rubber sliding when the teeth are removed?? That was really my only issue with the first model, with the 2.0, I really like how perfect the teeth fit the unger s like you mentioned.

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The rubber on an ettore channel is typically fixed in place on either end by a brass insert. If you’ve changed your rubber you may have removed this insert. If you buy the channel and rubber together they usually come pre clipped in. No sliding. Also, the moerman handle doesn’t tooth into the rubber on an ettore the way it does on their moerman channels. So either way, it shouldn’t do anything for sliding in the channel.

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With the first handle it wasn’t tight enough even on the liquidator but they fixed it with this handle

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Something new that I just noticed/had to deal with…

I took my handle back to my supplier because it wouldn’t unscrew to take an Unger channel again. There is a definite difference in width between the two channels, so the screw setting makes this easy to adjust, but after lots of head scratching it seems like Unger has actually (potentially intentionally) designed the thread to sort of strip out at the exact depth you need to adjust it to clamp to an Ettore channel.

Thankfully my supplier loves me and he just gave me a new one for free and sent the used one back to Unger as defective. We later realized it wasn’t just that one handle but a design flaw (or feature, if you’re Unger) in the handle itself.