Door to door Marketing

So, it slowed down a bit for me. But I have found out that in my area July to Sept it slows down a bit. Kinda nervous honestly. But I decided to go door to door, and it felt good to reach out to communities where I have cleaned before and let their neighbors know what I do. Yesterday I knocked on 30 doors in a hood where I will be cleaning today interior and exterior and screens. Out of all the houses 3 more signed up for a exterior clean. As a business owner it can be hard to get out of a comfort zone or dry spell. But door to door still works!!! For you new Guys and Gals dipping into this business, never give up, especially when the world wants you to!!!


Congrats on just hitting the pavement!


Kyleessert, it definitely brings humility into your heart. But also brings triumph when you have success

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Here where I live knocking on doors in neighborhoods is highly frowned apon. Maybe vendors be a bylaw against it. However going into businesses and inquiring about their situation can lead to commercial and residential business as most managers and owners have needs for our services both at home and at their place of work. So double bang for your buck. Then when their neighbors find out who made that house look so good, they want you to do thiers too. Then references start pouring in mom’s, sisters and aunts of the house owner you just worked for start requesting estimates. WOM in this town is everything. People see too many ads to Remember any, when it comes down to it they ask their friends and family.


Here, We are required by each city to operate under a soliciting permit in is worth the 100 initial fee and 50 every other year after that.


This way sound like you pay the fine before you commit the crime. Lol