Do i need two applicators?

Hey! So I ordered ErgoTec Ninja T-Bar and they sent me 2 of them for some reason and charged for both. Right now I can send it back, or I can buy one more sleeve (probably the one Luke uses) for indoor. Is it useful if I still don’t have a good car or space in the garage for keeping extra tools in it or I just send the t-bar back? Thanks in advance!

There is nothing wrong with having a backup of all of your equipment as long as you have a place to put it all without encumbering your daily work efficiency. If the T-Bar somehow breaks, how will that loss affect your income for the day? Would you need to order a new one and wait for it to ship to you before you can get back to work and earn money, or if you have a spare on hand can you shift the sleeve and keep earning money? We all carry extra tools and sleeves just in case. But conversely we all have a bunch of old extra tools that are sitting in a corner or on a shelf as well.

I can see the usefulness of having one sleeve for exteriors and one specifically for interiors. Most of my interior window cleanings I use a Moerman Microfiber Sleeve. It holds enough water within its fibers for me to wash about 20 windows without having to go back to my main bucket. Instead I just re-wet from my Samurai BoaB.

I used to use a sleeve with more scrubbing texture for the exteriors without as fine of fibers. Interiors are mostly dust, hair, and finger prints. Exteriors are where you see the significant dirt particles. So keeping large dirt or sandy grit out of your microfiber sleeve can make your interiors smoother and eliminate the concern of the errant surface scratch in the tint or glass by some sand or other debris that is tangled in the sleeve. Honestly, that is why I do all of my exteriors with a water fed pole and only use my mop and squeegee on interiors.

Thank you for your response. Yeah, I think I will leave the t bar and just order another sleeve. I will have to buy a backup at some point, so why get rid of it right now. I’m just low on budget right now, and I don’t feel good just having a tool laying around with no use. I probably won’t use two different mops for outside and inside work because it’s slowing me down. So I guess I will just leave it and as long as I don’t have money I will have this bad feeling about “thrown out money”, even tho I know it will come in handy.

I’d hang on to it. We have a lot of t bars. Besides you may want help one day !

I usually have to in the truck. One for quickly cleaning a few screens and mine for cleaning windows.

Good to have backups, never know.