Different Types of Windows - Resource?

Wondering if there’s a resource out there for all the different types of windows, and ideally how to clean/take them apart.

Just had a client estimate that had a weird old school window with French panes but the vinyl (or whatever) was inside. Hard to explain.

Vinyl French pane windows?

I’m not sure of a 1 stop shop for all of that. I think between our channel and others like @SteveO and @TheWindowCleanse, you could find just about anything you’d be looking for.

But you have to look.

Thanks! Yep I’ve scoured the window cleaning channels. Difficulty is I don’t know what the windows are called to adequately search for them, haha!

Not to mention, for storm windows there seems to be a lot of different kinds of those as well

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If you’re able to get good pictures of something you’re unsure of, you could get some better advice too.

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