Hey guys! Question for all of you! Do you guys use a CRM tool? I was looking at starting up with Houscall pro and would like to know if and who is using it and how it’s helped them?
Thank you!

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Hey @Nettoyage.eb ! We use housecall. It helps a ton. Scheduling, invoicing, cc payments, reminders and more.

There are a lot of crms out there. @SteveO uses jobber @TheWindowCleanse uses the customer factor.

Each company has some type of free trial. I would try each and then sign up with the one that you liked best.

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Thanks @Luke I appreciate your time and input! I will definitely look into a few and see which is best for me!

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For sure! Take your time. Once you sign up, most likely you will stay forever. You’d never want to move all of your customers to another software. So you’ll want to make sure this one is for you.


@Luke that’s for sure :joy: way too long and a pain to do 100%! Thanks again!

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I’m currently setting up the Customer Factor and I really like it. It’s the only one I have experience with.

Setting up the CRM has been a larger project than I was anticipating, but I know it’s going to drastically reduce my admin overhead.

I like TCF because it’s extremely customizable and I like the licensing and price more than the alternatives.

Documentation is also pretty good and will walk you through most scenarios. When I’ve needed help, I’ve sent an email and they get back to me in a couple days, and I’ve had some great discussions with them which is weird for a support line.

Your CRM is going to be like choosing a Ford or Chevy, Moerman or Unger, etc. They all do the same thing and you’ll learn to like what you settle on as long as the company supports their software.

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Makes sense! @AWindowCleaner thanks for the info!

I’d go Jobber if I had to do it again.

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Were you using TCF? Why Jobber?