Hello All!

We are new to the window cleaning world. Hoping I can learn a lot from all of you. My first question is…

Do you guys use contracts or attach a liability clause to your estimates? We are adding window cleaning to our already established Glass Company and we attach Liability and terms forms to every estimate. I was wondering how common it is to put a contract together? If you do have some formal clause to protect your business what does it include?

I am putting one together that would be attached to the bottom of our estimates and want to make sure that it is relevant.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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We personally don’t for standard residential window cleaning. Now if it construction debris removal, then yes. You should include a scratch waiver.

If you decide to include such a contact. I personally don’t see the harm in it.

Thank you!

Just wanted to let you know we love your videos and think your a fantastic example of a buttoned up and very professional company!

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We really appreciate the kind words. Best of luck and feel free to ask anything on here!

Welcome to the forum @oneilsglass11!