Congratulations Luke and Reanna

After binging on a few of your videos lately when you were around 11,500 I checked in to watch some more and noticed you passed 12,000 subscribers!

Imagine you guys are still busy with the new house and rightly so!

Keep up the good work with the channel :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you very much! We have been taking a small break from YouTube while we remodel our home and finish up this fall.

Really appreciate the kind words :sunglasses:


Congrats on the house! Keep us posted

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Thanks man! Just been working away.
So far we have replaced the Ac,furnace and hot water heater. New siding,windows, gutters and roof. It’s been busy lol

We re tiled under the windows a few weeks ago.

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And did a little landscaping last weekend :wink:



Love the β€œlittle” landscaping. Minimalist approach :+1:

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Ha …it took me a full day to make that. I’m not a landscaper lol

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Nice job! - wise low maintenance choice.

And your windows are clean - I think I clean mine like once a year!:joy:

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