Completed my first two jobs

And a couple of takeaways:

  1. Definitely should charge a 1st time cleaning fee
  2. Need to switch between arms, cuz dang my right shoulder is sore!
  3. Need to get proficient at using a pole, cuz like my shoulder, my legs hurt from the ladder.
  4. French panes suck
    A. Don’t rely on pictures, because these French panes weren’t distinguishable based on pics.
  5. Rethink promotional pricing as I don’t feel like I made the pricing worth the time (most likely due to it only being my first time).

Overall, the customers were happy, so I call it a win.


Great job! As long as you learn from your mistakes , that’s all that counts.

Promotional pricing can especially be a difficult one imo. That’s why we dont really offer too many discounts.


Thanks, Luke. I’ve watched probably most of your videos and they have been absolutely helpful, especially technique.

As for the pricing, I offered 10 windows (in/out) for $99. Granted, I’m in central Florida. I believe what killed me was not excluding the sliding doors and like I said, not charging for a first time clean.

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At homes we dont charge for the first time cleans. I feel that dirty, neglected windows just comes with the territory of residential.

As for your special maybe in fine print below say something like “based of newer double hung windows” or “excludes doors, storms windows & french windows”

Idk but that’s exactly why we stay away from those types of offers. Have found they can really bite you in the butt.


Yep, that was something that I was going to make sure to include in the “fine print”, to ensure I don’t get screwed over, if you will.

That makes sense about the first cleaning fee; I can see how that could be a turn off for customers.

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We do charge first time fees at storefront & commercial. I just feel like residential is different.