Competition - Prices

How do you guys compete with other window cleaners that charge $1 per pane?

Is this company taking your business?

That price is below industry recommended practices. Typically have seen that for an introductory price point for newbies. The real answer is that you cannot compete with that price if you have a licensed, registered, insured and bonded company.

Won’t be in business long at those prices. Keep your prices firm and offer the best level of service you can and you’ll be fine. Best of Luck


People tell me all the time “well my last guy only charged this much (super low ball price)”

I simply ask, “well why don’t you keep using them then?”

They usually reply “well they just stopped coming around.”

Or- “well they don’t do a good job.”

Charge your price, not the competitions.


This is exactly what I was going to say.

You cant compete.

Don’t worry, they won’t be in business long.

If that’s what you hear, then simply move on. No harm no foul.

If anything circle back around there in 6 months and try again. Odds are, that company will be gone.


They aren’t necessarily taking our business we are just starting out. I am pounding the pavement, literally going door to door. I have sent out hundreds (no exaggeration) of postcards. We received 2 calls back from about 500 postcards. I’m starting to call bigger commercial companies this king this is where we may fit in?? Not sure where I’m going wrong except we’re not charging a dollar a pane. Suggestions???

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Yep, charge what you’re worth and keep pounding the pavement. It’s rough and it takes time but it will pay off.