Commercial Job Payments

I’m just starting window cleaning, I’m just wondering what payment methods you guys use for commercial jobs, thanks :slight_smile:

Depending on the size, scale, and frequency, there are two options that I mainly use. Mostly checks, occasionally cash.

First Size. The size of the company as well as the size of the job. I do mom and pop restaurants in strip malls that are done via cash payments. Most of these are (2-3) 7x7 upper panels, 2x7 lower panels, and a door with an overhead pane. Usually 8 panes total in and out $20 cash. I do have a Financial Investment firm that has an office in a strip mall that is $35 and I have to submit an invoice and receive a check in the mail usually within a day or two of the 15th every month. Big window cleaning jobs that run in the multi-hundreds are going to need invoicing and checks disbursed by the accounting department and can take up to 30 days. Also, some store managers will pay with cash out of pocket instead of having you invoice the main corporate office. I had a short lived contract with a pool store in a strip mall that the employees were required to do the windows, they saw me cleaning next door and wanted to pay me in cash to not have to do the work themselves.

Scale. If you are doing multiple stores for the same company they are going to want to do invoicing and check disbursements for tax purposes. Some contractors will do 1099 cash payments for CCU’s in new housing developments. This is rare and depends on the contractor. Other contractors will do a net-30,-60, or even -90 days on contracts for CCU so I would stay away from these. this is mostly for large company to large company so as a single man option you probably won’t run into this, but if a contractor firm wants to do a net-30 or more on payment, I walk away.

Frequency. Some clients prefer for me to invoice at the end of the month with the total number of visits completed, other clients will pay immediately after the work is completed with cash. It depends on if they are going to be open when you are doing the work or if you are going to be there after hours.

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It’s all up to the customer. We accept credit, debit , cash and check.

I think you’ll find all will be different but typically you’ll have 1 of these 3

Pay check or cash at the time of service
Pay check net 30
Pay credit or debit net 30

If they hand you cash and have it ready then cash. But if they want an invoice evetytime you may want to make them a option to pay monthly for weekly service. That way you can’t spend it all. Unless you need cash. Get them all to go monthly. Less paper work and waiting around.

E transfer has been great for both myself and for the customer. Automatically deposited at the time the bill is written. Really nice to know the money is there before I go spending anything.