Cold weather gear?

I have been shopping since Aug for some new cold weather gear. Are you guys ready?

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Just got a new zeroxposur jacket recently from JCP for just over $50. It’s a really great fitting coat with a good outer shell for wind, rain, snow. Removable hood. It’s a good coat for doing layers too. I noticed they have gloves too. I might try them.

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Lol! Shoot man, you’ve been shopping since August?? Gotta let us know what you’ve found! @Luke

foto…foto ¡¡

Man I’ve picked up bit of gear here and there.

Alskan Hardgear gloves
Alaskan Hardgear base layers
Carhartt bibs
Carhartt flannel lined work pants
Wool sweaters
Wool socks
O… new pair of redwings
All kinds of goodies.

Last winter was brutal. We missed a lot of work due to bitter cold days. This year I’m just trying to be more well equipped :+1:


Is it waterproof?

They say they are and so far they have been great. They were pricey compared to the Carhartt gloves I’ve worn for the past few years. But I think they are worth it so far.

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