Client Management/Scheduling tools/apps

Hi friends. Picking up clients pretty quickly, and definitely realizing organization or everything could become a sticking point. Do you guys use any apps that allow you to see your schedule, but also tracks where the client is at stage wise (example: estimate/proposal acceptance/invoice, etc)?

Need something intuitive, but wont break the bank (just starting out so trying not to go crazy).

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You could try Joist. I think that software is free.

Imo you should probably invest in a full crm.

We use housecall pro. But there are several crms out there.

Jobber is what @SteveO uses.

Thank you! Not opposed to paying, just not $50 per month yet. I’ll check out joist!

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I’d suggest looking long term. Don’t trip over pennies to get to dollars.

That being said , makes no difference to me what you do.

@SeeBee What helped you the most in getting clients if you don’t mind me asking? Was it fliers, door knocking, website, google business?

I’m just starting and I have very very limited funds so I’m trying to figure out where to invest the little funds I have in hopes of picking up customers. I am so freaking nervous about investing my money into the wrong marketing strategy and failing before I even get started. :pensive:
If only I can get a few jobs complete then I will have the funds to invest in multiple areas of marketing.