Cleaning tracks

Got a call to clean a new apartment complex in town, they also asked to have a estimate to have the tracks cleaned of the sliding glass doors. We normally dont offer that but their are 144 sliding doors and this would be a great account to get for now and future business that they might send our way. Looking for help on how to work something up for the track cleaning.


Just the tracks? Or you doing windows as well?

Go clean 3 of them first before bidding. See if just dawn soap, a towel, and WD-40 works. If they are more of a pain then avoid them or bid high.

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Windows too

I did clean one and it cleaned up good. I just wasn’t sure how to bid them.

Then it goes by how quick and well you clean em. When i do track cleaning, im at 4 to 7 buck a piece…

Slider tracks like that usually have a ton of graphite/grease in them.

  1. Soap tracks with sprayer.
  2. Scrub tracks with track brush
  3. Flood said tracks with proper window cleaning bucket with water (Fluted Edge)
  4. Detail grease with cheap paper towels ( Using Hucks to wipe the black grease out sucks for you and the amount of laundry you will incur, paper towels are best)
  5. Rinse excess grease/dirt runoff on pavement in front of tracks.

Do a base average rate for all 144 tracks including your time cost and materials.

If it takes you 5min to do each track on average, that is about 12 hours of work, that is dependent on where you refill your bucket also. Multiply your rate times that and add in probably 10 rolls of paper towels and about half a bottle of Dawn Ultra.