Christmas Lights, whos doing it? And How?

Hey Guys, we decided to jump into Christmas lights this year because we are primarily residential work. It is super lucrative! Like 1 hour of work for two guys for $300. But I’m seeing other guys doing way faster installations then us. Any ideas on how to install or walk roofs quickly and safe?

Anyone using clips and polls or just waking steep roofs and doing it by hand?

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That’s awesome man! Unfortunately…I’ve never hung a single Christmas light :man_shrugging:

Hopefully someone here can chime in!

I’m looking into it for next winter personally. Planning to research it a bunch this winter / spring and plan towards it in the Summer if I decide to go ahead with it. I’d probably go with buying rolls of wire and LEDs in bulk and installing custom lighting. Seems like a fun way to cap off the year with some extra funds for the bank account and appeals to me more than snow removal. I live in Canada so things slow down in a big way once the snow sticks.

I found a couple forums for those who might be interested:

Well, just because they’re doing it faster (or say they’re doing it faster) doesn’t mean they are, or that they’re doing it safely. Just my first impression off the top.

I believe there are clips that you string along the lights before putting them up, then clip to the gutter with an extendable pole form the ground. If you find out what systems these are, let me know. We still have green grass and above freezing weather, but as soon as it dips below 0 next month I expect to see an influx of queries asking if we do it. As is tradition…