Car dealership HELP!

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Looking for some help on putting this estimate together, here are some photos for reference, in total looking at 562 windows. I know it will be a all day job. wasn’t sure if the quote should be more along the lines for the amount of time wed be there versus making the quote per window. Any advice will be helpful.


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Kinda hard to say with just the 2 pics. Do you have a set price per panel?

I quoted a chevy dealership last month. Did not get it. Said he had a guy doing it for $200 but didn’t come on time and skipped windows. Wanted to know if we could come down on our price.

I said we sure can, if we can come when we want and skip windows :crazy_face:


I am doing a semi annual cleaning of a Honda dealership this weekend. Here is a link to the post with videos of the buildings for reference. My pricing for pressure washing and window cleaning is separate so just keep that in mind when you look at the video that I am getting paid for the pressure washing and then paid again for the WFP cleaning of the glass at separate rates.

I initially bid this job by doing the normal $1.20/pane/side and it ate me up. The Honda dealership was 315 exterior windows and I charged them $375. The interior was another 236 panes for $275. It took me 12.5 hours to do it all by myself. Some of the interior windows were above 10ft and required special tools and this delayed me significantly. When I started the Mazda dealership, I bid with a formula of how many windows I did at the Honda dealership per hour, then calculated it out to make sure I made at least $50/hour. This was okay, but there wasn’t any real profit. So on the most recent cleaning on the Honda dealership, I have adjusted the windows to be divided by levels at either 10ft or 12ft. So the first level is 171 panes at $2/per pane and the 2nd level is 147 panes at $3/pane for a total of $783 for 318 panes. All of this is WFP and it is exterior only.

I’ll sum up by saying, with any job, start your bid by making sure you meet your minimum rate per hour, so 12 hour day @ $50/hr = minimum of $600.

My wife found this an posted it on my business facebook page and I think it fits so many situations.



Hey Windowbutler,

I’m fairly new to window cleaning - under 1 year in and still don’t have the knowledge / discipline to work out a per panel clean. Plus I’m coming from little old NZ. So not sure of a NZ / US comparison. At the moment I work out on an hourly basis, with WFP being 50% more expensive than trad. In saying this as I’m about to go to a full RO / DI solution I will likely increase the WFP to 100% of trad price. If I’m still cheap please do let me know !!. I can say that I won’t discount my hourly price to “match any competitors”, as I get more experienced my confidence grows and I just sell the benefits of what I can do - especially the window frames on a WFP job v’s trad cleaners. I do a car dealership with about 70 windows so good luck with +500. Hope you get the job !

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Hello Windowbutler_wv!

I was rereading some of the messages. It’s helpful as I’m still learning.

Wanted to know what was the outcome to your situation with the car dealerships? Did you end up adjusting your quote? Are they a regular customer?

Just curious where you came in with your quote.