Buying an existing Window Cleaning business

The owner of the window cleaning company that I work for is ready to retire and sell the business. I am very interested in buying it and taking over the company. It has been in operation for 18+ years and she has lots of regulars, mostly residential and she a great reputation around town. She had mentioned selling the business for $80,0000. That seems high to me, but just wondering what’s reasonable for a pre-exsisting, successful window cleaning business. We run a small 2-3 person crew. Any information and advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey there!

It’s hard buying or selling your company. Honestly, ( and this is just us) we won’t purchase residential clients.

There is no guarantee they are going to stay on board. Typically we price things differently, have different methods etc.

But in your situation maybe this will work because they already know you and your system.

So it’s tough to say. At least take a look at the books. I wouldn’t pay anymore than about 20% of the annual sales.