Business phone number

What do you guys use for your business phone number? I really don’t want my personal phone number to be out there. Is there any apps or services you guys recommend?

I use my own line. Thats what i started with so we have just stuck with it.

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I use GoDaddy smartline. It is a VoIP system so you need to make sure you have a consistent solid data connection on your phone otherwise you won’t get the call or text messages. It costs about $15 each month. Using the app allows you to have a second phone number for your business run through your cell phone. So when I call a client back through the app, it shows the company number on the caller ID.


That pretty slick. How long have you been using it?

Since 2018 when I started. Initially looked at one called grasshopper, but godaddy smartline was 1/3 the cost. Only thing I wish was possible was to record the calls which a phone recorder app won’t do sonce it runs through the data line rather than the voice/cellular line. I can really use it for remembering what I discussed with a client or for my protection if a client were to try and change a verbal agreement, etc. But mostly my A.D.D.