Booster Pump not pumping any water when turned on!

Hi, bought a Wayne 1/2 HP booster pump but when I turn it on, the water stops flowing through! Am I doing something wrong? I prime it and run the water through it before turning on the pump. The pump has electric power - I can hear it but the water just shuts off immediately! I am working on a 220V electrical system and have used a step-down converter as this pump is 110V. I am desperate to get this working as I am not getting enough pressure for my Tucker boar’s hair brush with 3 jets and a rinse bar. I really need this for the windows I’m cleaning as they are practically opaque with built-up desert dust!

Any advice would be so much appreciated!

I’m a big fan of checking the most simple/stupid seeming issues first. With that said, is your hose connected to the pump correctly? Input/output

I recently had this issue with my pump. :man_facepalming:t2:

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Was just about to post to say I had discovered the issue! The pipes were all connected properly; however, the inlet hose was too long. Shortened it and hey presto! Problem solved!

But thanks very much for the reply, @AdamPWC. It was actually a very easy thing to overlook. A case of can’t see the wood for the trees!