Bird flying into glass

I recently had a customer ask me about cardinals flying into her windows. She asked me of any tips I had to help prevent this. I told her some but I told her I would reach out and see if any other professionals had some ideas. Thanks

I see people buying those bird shaped stickers, they even have translucent ones that are visible to birds. Might be a cool idea to buy them yourself, and upsell her on the installation.

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I would say the same :stuck_out_tongue: They have those stickers they look cool !

I have one client that has had constant issues with Sandhill Cranes walking up to the windows and pecking at their reflections, scratching the glass and tearing the screens. #1) these things are huge, #2) they are protected by law and you can’t do anything to actively move them, #3) they know it and are stubborn bastards. My client took a disposable aluminum pie tin and hung it by some fishing line on the interior of the one window. I don’t know if it is the reflection/movement of light or the movement inside the window that deters them, but it has kept them away. After a while they stopped coming up to that window.