Best way to reach a window behind a ledge

Hi, would really appreciate some advice!

What’s the best way to approach cleaning a window that’s partially obscured by a piece of glass, like the one in the photo below (window on the left) using a water-fed pole? The glass prevents me from reaching the lower portion of the window from the ground. I’d also like to clean the little panel of glass front and back. Do I need ladders for this type of situation?

Also interested in advice on how to tackle the large sliding doors set back on a blacony (on the right). The bottom of the window/glass is approximately 12 ft off the ground.

Thanks in advance for you help! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Looks to me like you’re just going to have to ladder that.


You water fed pole guys make me laugh.

Nothing wrong with wfp.

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Many thanks, Luke. I thought as much but wanted to double check. :blush:

Nothing wrong with water fed, just saying it creates different challenges that make me laugh. So far these wfp systems hasn’t sold to me that it saves time or work in any way. Finding water hook ups, initial cost, the initial set up at customer houses. Can’t do all residential windows as residential changes with customization. I see these guys Elite around with small cars that carry the triple filtered water. They claim a safe ladder-less option. Still see at least one truck that carries ladders, just can’t be avoided it seems. One employee just designated to that? I watched one guy wfp a sliding door on a back deck. Looked like a lot of effort, scrubbing away, Rinsed for ever. No towels on any edge and walked away with it all water dirt collected in the bottom. I imigine it’s like that on all second story windows left dipping down the sideing and brick. All the overhead it creates makes me kind of think if I got one then I’d be working for it more than it would work for me. Looks like it works well on exterior building up to five stories high and some banks that have higher glass where ladders are not an option. So everyone has work to do. Elite also do the high rise and hospitals with their super hero costumes for kids. Looks fun. Everyone around here can find a business that meets thier level of nessecity and standard for clean.

Idk wfp definitely has its place. Cleaned a 1.2 million dollar property today.

About 6-8k square foot I think. All French windows. 3 stories.

2 people. 3 hours $1075.00

I cant go that fast on a 3rd story exterior with cut ups that fast.

O and windows…spot free. Look great. We service this home quarterly.

Wfp isn’t a magic tool that works great for everything. Just like any trade. Need the right tools for the job.

My opinion of course.


Hey Luke, thank you for your reply, that price tag sure is attractive. Your talking American dough too, that’s huge. The wfp systems were new when I started out in 2010. They weren’t even an option for someone just starting with not much to invest. Elite guys then were under cutting everybody to get market share. Put a few companies out of business between me and them. Now the independent owner operators are taking back over residential market because they can’t deliver on the price tag. Quality is just not there. Commercial they do really well with bigger jobs, but small downtown store fronts are all mine with 40, GE cleaning with 70 and diamond window cleaning doing the rest and small smaller o/o’s doing a few here and there. You don’t see elite downtown they can’t compete, there business costs far outweigh making it worth taking on small jobs.
I never wanted a business that predicted what I do, where I had to take on jobs I didn’t want or like to meet the cost of doing business. So I’ve always kept very very very low overhead. With less that 30000 yearly revenue, no federal tax. No hst number for sales tax. With residential never wanting a receipt for the cash they are willing to pay. Let’s just say I do ok. My biggest expense is gas and the occasional labourer at 15 to 20per hour cash depending on experience. I can charge a customer 100 per hour for two people to show up and clean. Can easily make 500 or 600 a day in the spring summer. And I can’t find enough good people to work for cash. Not many even want to give it try. It’s like the kind of job someone falls back on for immediate cash but have no intentions of staying with for the long term at least with me. Myself I thought I’d do this for five years and see where I’m at and see if I want to continue. After the first five years I realized the potential for a business for the rest of my life.