Best way to reach a window behind a ledge

Hi, would really appreciate some advice!

What’s the best way to approach cleaning a window that’s partially obscured by a piece of glass, like the one in the photo below (window on the left) using a water-fed pole? The glass prevents me from reaching the lower portion of the window from the ground. I’d also like to clean the little panel of glass front and back. Do I need ladders for this type of situation?

Also interested in advice on how to tackle the large sliding doors set back on a blacony (on the right). The bottom of the window/glass is approximately 12 ft off the ground.

Thanks in advance for you help! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Looks to me like you’re just going to have to ladder that.


You water fed pole guys make me laugh.

Nothing wrong with wfp.

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Many thanks, Luke. I thought as much but wanted to double check. :blush: