Best way to clean balcony glass

Hey, i am struggling with cleaning these balcony windows and glass fall protection. the inside is no problem but the outside is only accessible from above (10th floor). The top i can reach so I do it manually (left to right)and then underneath i use an extension pole. for the glass protection on the left, there’s not much place to hang over so sometimes i’m not efficient and leave strokes. I’m curious if there’s not a better product to deal with this. Already thanks for your ideas! (sorry for this old construction photo)

I would use a swiffer sweeper to clean up the streaks that I can reach. That outside glass is a pain in the ass. I use a 22" squeegee and could use a 30". Then there wouldn’t be that much to towel up at the bottom. It can only get wiped clean and thats as good as it can be.