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Hello all, need a bit of help. I’m just getting started in the business, going to try to offer my services to my kid’s ballet studio, would like to know if my pricing is fair.

We’re in southern California, not in the LA area but not rural either. The windows on the exterior look like they haven’t been cleaned in over a year maybe so I think I’m fair in this price for the exterior especially for a “first time clean”. The exterior windows also have a vinyl on most windows that I have to be careful around. If this price is fair for the first time should i drop the price for recurring cleaning?

The inside has 5 studios with big panes for viewing as well as glass doors to be cleaned, they aren’t very bad though.

They also have 15 giant mirrors through the studios like 8’x6’ i didn’t put a price on because not sure they’d want them done too.

Looking forward to your thoughts guys. Thanks in advance.

Commercial Prices vary around the country. Most places are as low as $1/pane/side, at least prior to 2020. Now with everything so high a fair price is minimally double.

Find out, if you can, what they previously paid to have the windows cleaned and how long ago that was.
Why did they stop the previous service?
Was it recurring?
If the last service was prior to 2021 or during the societal shut down, multiple the number by 1.5 and see if it meets your minimum per hour rate. That should be your starting point.

For me I charge the same fee for the first cleaning as any recurring cleanings. Mostly because my recurring maintenance cleanings are faster as I always use a WFP on the exterior to cut down on time. Interior is done with a pole or ladder once a year and the remaining cleanings are arms reach +18" strip washer down to the floor, unless the environment dictates something different such as a restaurant. Most of the time it is dust up high and hand prints down low.

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