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I am currently working on moving from using my Facebook Page to trying to get a website together. Does anyone suggest a good affordable way to go about this?

The most affordable way I have seen so far is Wix, they have a free option, but it has ads. I’m waiting to get my company up and going a bit more before I publish so I can pay the monthly fee to have it ad free. I just feel that some random ads on my site would look tacky, I don’t want that.

I agree, I spent several hours last night working with wix. I feel like I got my site to come out pretty decent but there still things I don’t really care for with it.

@AdamPWC I don’t know how much your budget will allow for a website or how much control you want of your website i.e. code for customization but yes, Wix is one way and here are some other options which may not cost much but may have limitations.

-Go Daddy has a website builder.

Duda - is another option.

or Wordpress is a preferred choice by many developers bc it’s free and you have access to thousands of plugins for optimization, other tools, etc. I believe they just updated their platform so it’s easier to build sites. You can purchase a good theme (around $59) i.e. & find a developer on Upwork or Freelancer who will customize your site for you for cheap. I have a guy I’ve worked with for years I’d connect you with if it’s helpful and promise I would be just sending him business.

Well, I hope this is helpful and if you just need to get something up quick and cheap then you may be just fine where you are at.

Thanks for the list of other options I’ll check these out.

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No problem. Have a great day!

So far, I like Go daddy. Let me know what you think. Looking for pros opinions here.

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Looks like a good start…you have a picture I believe of yourself that’s a big fuzzy so maybe consider replacing…are you adding more pages and content ?

Yeah it’s a work in progress. I can edit it as much as I want so it’ll shape up

ya the web builder is easy to use. I’m sure you’ll have it looking great in no time. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done my friend.


Thank you!

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Here is the Window Ninja site using the free version of SITE123 just an example for you to reference. the goal for our site was for it to be simple and clean. It works and i believe we will upgrade to the more advanced version allowing more customization options and a custom Domain.

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I like the short descriptions with learn more tabs, I might try that out. Looks like a good page.

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Thanks my friend! it is super simple to customize, but i would recommend building it from a computer. the mobile view isnt as clear.

We use Jimdo. Pricing is good, you do the setup yourself.

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Hello Luke, i have initiated the website last year with web design company, now I am thinking about changing it more professional website. Do you suggest your web design company?

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Hi @uzbservices! Unfortunately I don’t have one. Share a link to your site.

Maybe somebody here can refer you!

Most of my local competitors use professional SEO companies. But when i try to find myself, most marketing SEO companies do not know window cleaning gutter cleaning industry.

Its a pretty nice site man! Is it just not ranking well?

Do you use Google My Business?

Have you had another website company look at your current site ?

I enjoy using Tilda, try it out maybe you will like it.

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