Advice for Getting Started

Okay my new friends-

I’ve got the tools, experience, knowledge, professionalism and drive… I just need help or advice in how to get started by way of getting customers-preferably residential. I recognize canvassing and knocking on doors in this day and age (Covid) might be a losing game, any tips? Thank you!

Matthew’s Window Cleaning

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Do you have a website?

Do you use any online marketing?

Do you use eddm?

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THere are so many things that can be recommended… but the two things I would say to focus on are getting reviews on Google and working with a professional SEO manager (make sure your website is good!) ASAP to manage google ads and your SEO. SEO results take a while so the longer you put it off the longer harder it becomes. a HUGE portion of my new work comes from Google, and my close rate is absurdly high from those leads.

If I was to start again I would focus very heavily on these two things.

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Heard, yes working on 'em!

Thank you so much