About to start out

Hello guys, I am new to the forum and I have been watching Luke’s videos for some time. My friend and I are planning to start this business within the coming months. Are there any products or items that are recommended or that are needed to do a solid job?

Any other tips are also appreciated!
Thank you !!

What made you decide to get into this business? Do you have a business plan? marketing plan?

I wanted to get into this business because (I am in college in Canada and about to finish) I will need to start getting together some money for when I go to University as I do not really have financial support for it. I do not plan to go right after college but after a year or two or possibly more who knows at the moment. I always liked hard work and hustle. The business plan right now is first to get the equipment needed (I already have somewhat of an idea from Luke’s videos), and then target more medium to higher-income areas for residential and as for commercial, I will focus on businesses that are local to me. I already wrote some company names down that really need their windows to be cleaned.

For marketing, I am planning to figure out an email service and looking into getting door hangers, and door-to-door.

Thank you for your interest and reply to me:)

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I recommend that you reach out to Mark Strange at the Window Cleaning Store. He is a window cleaner and has a store that supplies people like you and me. He is a good guy and will help you.

The Window Cleaning Store - About Us

If you work hard, master your craft, market yourself well, you can forget about going to University you won’t need it. You will be earning more, set your own schedule, unlimited potential and freedom.

thank you for the reply!

do you guys ship products?

I can give you a good deal on a lightly used xero pure and water fed pole if you’re interested