5 Star ⭐ Reviews

How and what platform are you all generating 5 star reviews?

Predominantly Google, with a little Facebook. I usually ask when I follow up the day after, and send the link through. It’s handy when they are sending via an android (no imessage) as they shouldnt have an issue signing in a leaving a review.

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Awesome idea! Which one of the 2 do you currently have the most reviews on?

Google by far. After 12 months or so with my new business I’ve managed fifty 5 star reviews or so, but could be many more if I pushed them a little harder. My competition in the area has pretty much zero…

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Wow! Hey keep it up man! Good job.

Do you set a goal of how many you want to get per day, week , month etc.

No, but I should. I just make sure I ask every customer during the follow up.

How do you go about getting all your reviews?

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We ask our clients if they will leave us a 5 star review on our Google business page when we are finished.

Before leaving the driveway we send a link and a thank you text.

Has worked pretty well so far.

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I’m been slacking on this. I need to get back with it

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Good to see you on here again buddy. How have you been man?