1300 French panes

Oh kind and wise bearded man of the cold! I am in dire need of your knowledge! One of my awesome General Contractor friends is in the process of completing a 9k square foot home. He wants us to clean the 1,391 French panes that surround this monster home. How would you price this job? No screens, not many decals or plastic to remove, there are however 3 sizes of glass so I’ll have to cut some channels to fit the various sizes… Is $1.50 per pane to low? Can you come an help?lol I’m in NC…it’s warmer!

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Lol I would but that sounds like a drive :wink:

Do you have a wfp?

Do you have photos of the job?

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Presuming it is 2 story with ladder work involved, I would suggest that price is low. Depending on how many guys you have and how long it will take to complete may be a factor as well. May I also suggest that you consider how long you have to wait for your payment. In my life and business experience the bigger the company the longer they take to pay. Looks like you may have a good relationship with the builder that’s always a plus.

Take into account the surrounding areas of the jobsite. Will there be other people working in and around you while you perform your service. They will cause you to take extra steps and will slow you down and move you off your target per hour range. Might not hurt to post a pic of said job you are bidding on so folks can see the scope of work and better aid is advisement. Best of Luck Elements

That’s not too bad . With wfp would go pretty quick. I’d be around $12.00 - $15.00 per window.


The kind and wise bearded one has spoken…

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$12-15 per window with 12-18 panes per window?

Where in NC?

Pinehurst/Southern Pines, an hour away from Raleigh


Feel free to go higher…I just wouldn’t go any lower

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Hard to see their condition from pics. Contraction clean in Canada goes from $65 to $100 per hour depending on 2 or 3 people working respectively. That may work out less with the exchange. But it’s hard on equipment and takes a lot of time. Each window will have a different amount of whatever to scrap off. Think of how many hour it will take you to set up n run by yourself and charge $60 x 6hrs= $360 or $60× 8hrs= $480. So quote high and tell them it’s high, but it’s an estimate. Include half price for drive time to and from if there is distance to travel. Hope that helps cheers

Lol I totally missed that this was ccu. Eesh no wfp…and I’d be much higher than $12-$15 per window.

Hey, thanks to everybody that jumped in. I quoted it at 1.75 per pane…since my employees that clean houses,
not windows, are cleaning this monster, the GC wanted it all done by us, windows and interior. He asked if I’d come down to $4500 even. ($392 less) I said, sure!